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hi guys i just like to share this to all force archer in the guild

Lets begin with stats:
This is the maximum Str and Dex stats that you should have:
Str: 113
Dex: 227
The rest you put on Int.

Now lets do skills.
This is the skills and skill lvls that you should have (if you're Transcender you should have enough points with 3 points left) (Magic):
Eagle eye - lvl 20
Repulsive Armour - lvl 20
Vital Force - lvl 20
Mana Condense - lvl 20
Vita Bless - lvl 9
Prismatic Arrow - lvl 20
Shadow Shot - lvl 20
Poison Arrow - lvl 20
Greater Heal - lvl 20
Critical Shot - lvl 20
Drilled Shot - lvl 20
Gravity Distortion - lvl 9

Fade Step - lvl 9
Dash - lvl 9

Now i will tell you how to use your skills.
Obviously with all the buff skills you buff yourself and others Now with atacking skills, this is which skills you should use and where.

For PVP:
Obviously you start combo straight away and use these skills to atack:
Shadow Shot first (knockdown at start=good chance to win)
Poison Arrow second (good damage and gives poison damage over time)
Gravity Distortion third (again, adds good damage with chance to stun)
Critical Shot last (adds good damage over short period of time)
After you used these 4 skills repeat all of them again.

Now for PVE:
Gravity Distortion first (stuns for long time)
Poison Arrow second (good damage and gives poison damage over time)
Drilled Shot third (good damage)
Prismatic Arrow fourth (good damage again)
Use these 4 skills on monsters and if you combo vs a melee mob it will be very hard for him to reach you ^^

Upgrade Skills:
When you reach Transcender you will have 6 upgrade slots. These are the upgrades you should buy and max:
Vitality Mastery (a must have for any char - adds alot of HP)
Force Control (another very good upgrade - adds alot of magic=more dmg)
Force Rolling (same as above but better ^^)
Damage Absorb (good upgrade skill - adds alot of defense)
Sixth Sense (a usefull skill in PVE - adds alot of def rate)
And for the final skill you should pick either:
Reflex (if you like PVE more than PVP)
Defensive Sense (if you like PVP more than PVE)

And finally I will tell you which equipment to use:
I cannot tell you exactly which items to use as these will change as you get higher lvl.
If you like PVP, try to get as much crit rate % and crit dmg % as possible.
And if you like PVE more, you can get more magic (although crit rate and dmg is good also)

So this is the end of my Force Archer guide . If you do not like something about this guide or think that I am wrong please do not follow it^^. This is how my Force Archer is build and I think that he is strong in PVP . Force Archers are a fun class to play if you know how, and I hope this guide helped you.

Force Archer Skill List


Power Shot - (Free Skill. Do Quests) - Create A Spiritual Arrow To Attack A Target (Piercing)
Magic Amp X 1.20. Add Attack +23.90 (+2.30 Per Level) MP 4. Cool Down 1.9 Seconds. Accomplished (Novice 0). Cast Time- 1.3 Seconds)


Critical Shot - (5280 ALZ) - Concentrate One's Strength To Perform A Critical Attack (Piercing)
(Magic Amp x 1.20. Add Attack +61.30 (+2.20 Per Level). Crit Rate Inc +50%. Crit Dmg +10%. Knock Back +50%. MP 11 . Cool Down 2.4 Seconds. Accomplished (Apprentice 0) Cast 1.3 Seconds.

Precision - (5280 ALZ) - Increase The Caster's Attack Rank. (Strengthen Attack Skill)
Attack Rate+ 20 (+20 per level)(Duration 60 seconds (60 secs per level ??) MP 11(+1.1 per level) Cool Down 4 seconds. Accomplished (Apprentice 0) Cast Time 2.2 Seconds

Repulsive Armor - (5280 ALZ) - Increase The Caster's Defense Rank (Strengthen Equipment Skill)
Defense Rate+ 50 (+10 per level)(Duration 60 seconds (60 secs per level ??) MP 11(+1.1 per level) Cool Down 4 seconds. Accomplished (Apprentice 0) Cast Time 2.2 Seconds


Explosion Shot - (83,500 ALZ) - Shoot One's Concentrated Energy Before Causing An Explosion.
Magic Amp x 1.30. Add Attack +93.90 (+1.80 Per Level) KnockDown +50%. MP 16. Cool Down 2.4 Seconds Accomplished (Regular 0). Cast 1.3 Seconds.

Blind - (121,000 ALZ) - Decrease The Attack Rate Of An Enemy.
Attack Rate -20. Duration 10 Seconds. MP 17 (+1.70 per level) Cool Down 1.6 Seconds. Accomplished (Regular 24). Cast Time. 0.9 Seconds

Eagle Eye - (138,200 ALZ) - Increase The Caster's Attack Rate And Attack Range.
Attack Rate +50 (+30 per level). Range +1. Duration 60 Seconds . MP 17 (+1.70 per level) Cool Down 54 Seconds. Accomplished (Regular 31) Cast 2.2 Seconds)


Poison Arrow (330,000 ALZ) - Shoots A Magic Arrow That Poisons The Enemy.
Magic amp x 1.60 Add Attack +136.90 (+2.2 per level) HP Down -10 (Lasts 10 seconds). MP 20. Cool Down 3.3 Seconds. Accomplished (Expert 0). Cast Time 1.8 Seconds.

Lower Defense (330,000 ALZ) - Decrease The Defense Of An Enemy
- 10 Defense (Does increase per level. -39 at level 20) Duration 10 seconds. MP Use 20 (+2 per level). Cool Down 1.6 Seconds. Accomplished (Expert 0). Cast time .9 Seconds.

Advanced Expert

Shadow Shot (517,900 ALZ) - Summons an arrow from the shadows on an enemy
Magic Amp 1.60. Add Attack +142.40 (+1.10 Per Level) KnockDown +50%. MP 23. Cool Down 2.4 Seconds Accomplished (A.Expert 0) Cast Time 1.3 Seconds)

Mana Condense (517,900 ALZ) - Increase One's Magic Attack Strength. (Strengthen Spirit Skill)
Magic +10 (+1 per level) Duration 60 Seconds. Mp 23 (+2.30 per Level) Cool Down 4 Seconds. Accomplished ( 0 ) Cast Time 2.2 Seconds.

Sharpness (632,000 ALZ) - Increase Damage With Sword Class Weapons (Strengthen Weapons Skill)
Attack +10. +1 Per level. Duration 60 seconds. MP 24 (2.40 per level). Cool Down 4 Seconds. Accomplished (A. Expert 52) cast time 2.2 seconds.

Vital Force (632,000 ALZ) Increase One's Maximum HP. (Strengthen Body Skill)
HP +30. +15 Per Level. Duration 60 seconds. MP 24 (2.40 per level). Cool Down 4 Seconds. Accomplished (A. Expert 52) cast time 2.2 seconds.


Greater Heal (1,703,500 ALZ) - Restores A Great Amount Of HP.
MP 25. Cool Down 1.2 Seconds. Accomplished (Master 0 ). Cast Time 2 Seconds.

Vital Bless (1,703,500 ALZ) - Greatly Increase The HP Restoration Rate For A Short Duration Of Time. (Strengthen Body Skill)
HP Restore +7 Per 2 seconds. (+1 Per Level) Duration 60 Seconds. MP 25. (+2.5 Per level) Cool Time 4 Seconds. Accomplished (Master 0 ) Cast Time 2.2 Seconds.

Drilled Shot (1,703,500 ALZ) - Summon A Magic Skill From The Ground To Attack An Enemy Standing On A Spot.
Magic Amp x 1.50. Add Attack 339.80 (+ 1.80) Per Level. Knock Down +85%. MP Use 25. Cool Down 4.8 Seconds. Rank (Master 0). Cast Time 2.7 Seconds)

Advanced Master

Prismatic Arrow (2,323,200 ALZ) - A Power Full Attack Using 7 Different Kinds Of Force.
Magic Amp x 1.60. Add Attack 354.30 (+1.70 Per Level).Knock Down 85%. MP 28. Cool Down 4.8 Seconds, Accomplished (A Master 0) 2.7 Seconds.

Thrusting Arrow (2,323,200 ALZ) - Shoot An Arrow That Forcefully Pushes Back An Enemy.
Knock Back +11%(+1 Per Level) Duration 60 Seconds. MP 28. + 2.8 Per Level. Cool Down 54.0 (A Master 0) Cast Time 1.5 Seconds)

Grand Master

Gravity Distortion (3,714,500 ALZ) - Destructive Arrow Which Distorts Time And Space.
Magic Amp x 1.70 Add Attack + 514.00 (+4.0 Per Level) Stun +85 % Lasts 5 seconds. MP 31. Cool Down 6.2. (G Master 0.) Cast Time 2.3 Seconds. Increase cool time by 50% when cast without moving.

Art Of Healing (3,714,500 ALZ) Reinforce Healing Skills And Increase Their Effect.
Heal +72 %. (+2 per level) Duration 60 seconds. Mp 28 (+2.8 per level) Cool Down 180 Seconds. . Accomplished (G Master 0). Cast time 1.5 Seconds.


Shooting Star (3,714,500 ALZ) - Summon Numerous Meteors From The Sky To Inflict Great Damage To Enemies.
Magic Amp x 1.70 Add Attack 525.50 (+ 5.50 Per Level). KnockBack 90%. Mp 28. Cool Down 7.4 Seconds. Accomplished (Completer 0) Cast Time 3 Seconds. Damage Changed By Number Of Targets In A Certain Distance

Mass Heal (3,714,500 ALZ) Restore HP Of A Party Member.
Range 1~16. Limit 17. MP 28. Cool Down 20 Seconds. Accomplished (Completer 0) Cast Time 1.5 Seconds.


Art Of Sniping (3,714,500 ALZ) - Stand Firm On Your Spot And Concentrate Your Energy To Increase A Chance Of Attacking An Enemy's Vital Point.
Critical Damage Increase +52% (+2 per level+. Critical Rate Increase +6% (+1 Per Level) UNMOVEABLE Duration 20 Seconds. MP 28 (+2.8 per level) Cool Down 300 Second. Accomplished (Trancender 0) Cast Time 1.5 Seconds.

Force Archer Types

Support Type (Battle Set) -> Based On Support Skills, Has Enough Stats to survive and wear armors, Focusses mainly on Dex and Int.

All Around Type (Battle Set) -> Damage Is Average, Usual Build after Growth Reqs Reached Are 3 Int, 2 Dex, Usually Has A Few Attack Skills At Level 20.

Damage/Martial Archer (Martial Set) -> Concentrates Fully On Int, Follows The Wizard Requirement For Equipment, Uses 1 Orb and 1 Crystal. Has All Attack Skills At Level 20 And Buffs Leveled Up If He/She Has Enough Skill Points.

Skill Advice For Each Type

Support Types -> Minimum Sword Rank Suggested -> Apprentice.
Sword Skill Suggested -> Fade Step And Dash
Magic Skills Suggested -> Level 9 Attack Skills, Level 20 Heals And Buffs, Stone Cannon, Fire Cannon, Lightening Cannon.

All Around Types -> Minimum Sword Rank Suggested -> Expert.
Sword Skills Suggested -> Fade Step And Dash
Magic Skills Suggested -> Level 9 Attack Skills With The Exception Of Critical Shot, Poison Shot. Buffs At Level 9. Heals At Level 20.

Damage Types -> Minimum Sword Rank Suggested -> Regular.
Sword Skills Suggested -> Fade Step And Dash
Magic Skills Suggested -> Level 20 Attack Skills. Level 9 Heals And Buffs.

PvP Strategies

Against Warriors

Warriors Have A LOT Of HP And A Lot Of Defense, BUT, They Are NOT Indestructible. The Easiest Way To Win Against A Warrior Would Be To Cast Lower Defense And Fade Step Right After That. Then, Start Up Your Combo Mode And Use Combo Skills To Keep Him/Her Under Constant Damage, As You Cannot Miss Or Be Affected By Knock Downs Or Backs In Combo Mode.

Against Force Shielders

Any Force Shielder Is Not Meant For PVP But They Can Be VERY Strong Opponents Due To Their Access To Magic And Sword. Its Not Easy To Stay Away Because You Will Be Attacked With Distance Magic, Best Strategy Would Be To Hold Your Ground And Attack With Strong Fast Spells. I Highly Suggest Starting Off Poison Shot And Following With Shadow Shot And Critical Shot. After That, You Can Follow It Up With Cannon Skills Or Even Explosion Shot.

Against Force Blader

Force Bladers Will Be Extremely Difficult For Your To Kill Due To Their High Damage And Stuns. Unless You Are In Combo Mode, You WILL Lose. You May Have To Forcefully Break Your Opponents Combo By Double Dashing/ Dash->Fade Step Combos. Only Strategy I Have For These Fights Is To Combo With Fast Damage Dealing Skills.

Against Wizard

Wizards Will Probably Win Against You Because They Have A Much Higher Damage Rate But Once Again, You Can Win Against Them. Break Their Combo Early On By Using Fade Step Right At The Start Of The Duel And Follow It Up With Poison Shot. After That, Begin Your Combo Mode And Just Spam Away.

Against Bladers

These Battles Can Be A Pain Due To Bladers Having Stun Skills. The Best Strategy Against Them Would Be To Fade Step Right At The Beginning Of The Duel To Gain Some Distance And Begin Combo Mode Before You Are Stunned. Once You Are In Combo Mode You Are In The Clear And All You Have To Do Is Maintain Combo Mode.

Against Force Archer

Fighting Against Force Archers Will Be Extremely Difficult, Although It May Not Sound Like It. There Is No Point In Running As You Will Have No Place To Run. Just Start Your Combo Mode Up Right Away At The Beginning Of The Duel So Your Attacks Do Not Miss And Combo Away. The Archer With The Fastest And Strongest Skills Will Win.

a warning to those wanting to be Martial FA's.
Keep in mind that you would be following the wizard build. you would have lower everything except MATK in the long run.

Note that you would be limited to using Osmium armours as your final armours since the next armour sets are CLASS SPECIFIC. you won't get the FA's armour sets since there would be conflicting stats.

If I remember correctly, if you compare a martial FA to a battle FA with the optimum equipment and stat, Martial FA's would have +10 MATK, - 100+ def rate, and -60 def. What that means that you'd die much faster than a battle FA.

Side note: Armour FA's are simply impractical. It is strongly advised that this type is not to be taken. Yes, you have high def. But not as high as a warrior's, and you're far weaker than battle FA's.

1. as a pvp type FA, follow ko lng po ba yung stat requirements sa "Character Info?"
or tlgang aabot ako sa stats na Str: 113 Dex: 227 Int: XXX
- there is no other way but to follow the stat growth. But once you reach lvl 60, the stat growth requirement ceases.

2. ano po mga skills kukunin ko as a novice? nalilito po kasi ako sa dami ng skills na pdeng
- At low levels, it is best to get critical shot, repulsive armor, and precission along with other elemental arrows with high AMP.

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