I am new at this so am trying to catch up.

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I am new at this so am trying to catch up.

Post  Moimicin on Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:26 pm

Hello. Originally posted by spidymac: Has anyone tried/reviewed the "new" DVD SHRINK 2010 yet? They are offering it as an upgrade to the old 3.2 version for $28.00+/yr at -*link removed by Moderator* I'm a bit late in replying, just noticed your post on "dvd shrink 2010".I'm transferring all my dvd library to a 2TB desktop drive.I've done about 500 movies with the Old version of dvd shrink,so,it's not my first Rodeo.So I thought I would try the NEW version.I think I've been "done" for $28. The new version is slower,clunky, and still unstable.I've used in two pc's ,both big fast machines.Same result in both,it's twitchy.Hope you have good luck, I'm going back to the Old version. Cheers. Silver. 05 Oct 2010 @ 6:21


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